Zombie Rock Anthem

Posted May 2, 2012

We heard the crowd sing “Ang Titser Kong Pogi” over and over that’s why we want to satisfy your cravings to see more of Kamote Club! So even if our van didn’t want to start immediately; playful kids insistently surrounded the set to volunteer as extras; and the sun was so up it made us want to faint at Taytay Municipal Public Cemetery, nothing stopped us from shooting the second music video parody of DJ Pakito Jones & Sir Rex Kantatero! Together with 93.9 iFM DJ’s Kara & Nikka, we’re all ready to haunt you with Kamote Club’s “ZOMBIE ROCK ANTHEM!” We could defeat the brain-eaters , just gear-up and altogether, let’s chant: “Every day, I’m Shoveling!”

Download Mp3 Here

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