Pictures speak a thousand words. And yes, I just can’t count the number of complimentary words I have said upon seeing the photos of these stunning model looking creatures.

Early February this year, stolen pictures of Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a ‘Carrot Man’ have dominated the internet which were captured and uploaded online. Late May, JC Querol a.k.a ‘Gasoline Boy’ and Rita Gabiola a.k.a ‘Badjao Girl’ pictures have been swarming over the internet. Why is that? Well, simply because they’re all freaking good looking, you just can’t stop looking at their faces!

Here’s a sample picture from Carrot Man, Gasoline Boy, and Badjao Girl:

Carrot-Man1 (1)
Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a ‘Carrot Man’
JC Querol a.k.a ‘Gasoline Boy’
Rita Gabiola a.k.a ‘Badjao Girl’

Weeks later after Carrot Man’s internet domination , news came out about him being the newest endorser of the clothing brand BoardwalkWhat a lucky man! And not just that. Even Gasoline Boy was recruited by ‘The’ Francis Libiran, a renowned showbiz international designer, and will soon let him walk the runway for his shows.

Phew! Hindi talaga lahat ng magaganda’t gwapo ay makikita sa tv. Yung iba nagtratrabaho ng simple at marangal sa mga lugar na hindi mo aakalain. 

As for Badjao Girl, some of her model-like pictures are starting to circulate on Facebook. Who knows? She might be the next endorser of another clothing brand. And we hope that happens. Also, according to an online article from ABS-CBN, she was granted a scholarship by Rated K to be able to continue her studies. Lucky for her!

Wanting for more? Oh eto pa… Version 2.0 Pak! Ganon!

Jeyrick Sigmaton for Boardwalk
JC Querol for Francis Libiran
Rita Gabiola posing like a model

Okay guys, didn’t you know that there are people starting to gain the netizen’s attention once again? There’s this one tagged as the cute ‘Otap Man’ from Pampanga selling otap and dried mangoes, the hunk ‘Sekyu Man’ from Quezon Province, and the other as the ‘Jeepney Driver’.

Lately, their pictures can be seen scattered on Facebook creating buzz. Eto. Kayo na humusga.

‘HUNK’ is the word
Those dimples tho
Kay gwapo naman this jeepney driver. Yung totoo, driver ka ba talaga? (But really. My hunch is.. you ain’t a driver you cutie. IMPOSSIBLE!)

After all that’s happening on the internet, I guess now is the time for me to get my pictures taken while selling an item and let it be posted and shared by my friends. And then I will be tagged as the ‘Kulang Sa Pansin Girl’ or ‘Maarte Girl’ or ‘Feeling Maganda Girl’. And then maybe (just maybe) I can become the next endorser of soy sauce, or vinegar, or patis, or other condiments etc. JOKE. As if I have the confidence. Hahaha!


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