Six Types of Friends Your Girlfriend Has



One rule Spice Girls taught us: If you want to be her lover, you gotta get with her friends. Although sometimes, that is the hardest thing to do. For newbies (those who are new in a relationship), you might get shocked with how diverse her friends are. I’m not trying to scare you or what, but sooner or later you have to meet up with them, and deal with them. To save you from the state of awkwardness when the actual “meet-up” happens, we have come up with a list of six types of friends your girlfriend have.  You might want to take down notes (and thank us later. Yes, you’re welcome)

  1. The Clingy Friend. She’s the “Girl, asan ka na?”, “Bakit hindi mo ko tinawagan?”, “Update me every freakin’ moment” type of friend. Sometimes, they are also the possessive one. You know, the friend who would call her every once in a while even if she knows you two are spending your quality time together (which is kind of annoying because she sometimes cannot define what is “their privacy” and “your privacy”).

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  1. The Guy “Friend”. Who secretly likes her but can’t get her because she is yours. The guy has been with her since they were kindergarten. And she considers him her “really close guy friend.” She has also assured you that nothing will happen between them. Yet, he still gets to throw mean looks at you every once in a while and jab you two, three or more times. Chill dude! We know how it feels. All you have to do is trust your girl and ignore him. And don’t let him have a chance to make a move on your girl.


  1. The “I Still Hate Him” Friend. Yes, even if you haven’t done anything wrong, even if you always try to put your best feet forward, he/she would still hate you. They can be anyone in her circle – her sister, a cousin, her best friend, or a person you least care about. Even if you have saved five-year-olds from a burning building on top of a cliff, she’ll still have gleaming eyes on you. What you do is be cordial and be nice. As long as you treat your girlfriend right, everything will be fine.


  1. The Supportive Friend. “Sige, go lang!” or “Suportahan ko kayo.” kind of friend. They are the ones who would spend every waking hour to make sure your relationship is going smoothly. She would also be the one who would pat your back when you get dumped by her. On the other hand, expect their anger to rain on you when you dumped her friends. Guys, it’s girls code.

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  1. The One You Kinda Fancy. Whether you admit or not, hot girls would catch your attention. And, in this case, one them is your girlfriend’s friend. But don’t feel ashamed of admitting that you really took a glance at her the first time you met her. It’s not like you want (or wanted) to do something sexually with her. You are just aware of the fact that she is H-O-T. Also, one of the things that makes her hot friend stand out is the constant reminding of your girl how hot she is while looking at her Instagram posts, or while at a small get-together and she’s wearing that red sexy dress. And (drools), anyway! Thank the heaven and earth! Your girl is hotter than her.

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  1. The Boyfriend. Of all the friends she has, of course, don’t disregard yourself. Whether you like it or not (well, I know you do like it thaaaaaat much), you will be the first person she would expect to check on her, or the only person she would share the last cookie in that cookie jar. There are a lot of things you’ve shared and secrets you’ve kept, and I assure you there will be more. You understand her more than anyone from her friends. You’ll appreciate her way better that others. You have one amazing girlfriend. At the end of the day, you will be the one she would want to talk to, the one that would make her fall on her knees while laughing, and the one she’d want to have through the good, bad, and ugly times. You are, and will always be, her best friend.

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