Ryder Xperiment – The First Lesson


Ryder Xperiment

It’s a common misconception that picking up a girl is a hard job and an awkward one at that too. In this double standard environment, the female species have often shied away from the men, but is it really the situation we are currently in?

See how, Vince Ryder works his magic on the steps on how to approach a girl. Easy, set in a known school in Manila, from the computer shop, to an eatery, and even on the streets see how the girls open up to Ryder’s charm.

Easy, picking up a girl may not be breezy as 123, but it isn’t all that first set a goal: make her smile, there’s nothing like warming up and starting a conversation with a grin. 2nd, don’t be too shy, man up and be mindful of the situation, then spark that epic conversation. Lastly, Practice there’s nothing like practice makes perfect. Try starting a conversation with 5 girls, and see how similar and different each one goes.

Remember, approaching a girl isn’t all that hard. Don’t forget our tips, and tune in how Ryder strikes his magic, only on Ryder experiment.


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