First Date Turn-Offs



Just like you girls, there are many things that can turn-off us guys (we just won’t tell). C’mon please! Who would want to meet and be with a girl who smells? Certainly we do not want to get stuck with someone who could not stop babbling about their ex (OR EXES! Geez! Please stop!).

To be honest, there are a lot of things that can turn us off. But because of our generous nature, we want to help you. PROMISE! We came up with a checklist of the top six things that would definitely make us say no.

  1. Bad Hygiene. Who would want to date a girl with a stinky breath (even if you are pretty)? Or someone who seems prim and proper but have their yesterday’s lunch stuck on their teeth? Girl, you just won four big and fat X’s from our judges! CONGRATULATIONS! Seriously, hygiene is one of the most important thing we consider when looking for the “girl”. Men wouldn’t want to be seen with someone who wouldn’t even care to look and SMELL pleasing for others. We all believe that if it smelled that bad up here, how much would it be down there?

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  1. Too Much Open-ness. Maybe love is an open door, but not an open book! Tip 101: YOU DON’T DUMP YOUR SHITS ON A GUY DURING YOUR FIRST DATE okay? Don’t tell him every crap you have gone through in your life. Both of you are still in this “getting-to-know-you” stage. Give the guy the time to explore and get to know you better. Keep his interest by leaving some mysteries behind. Don’t be too easy because we tend to get easily bored if we aren’t face with challenges (Am I right?). Remember, what comes easy wont’ last.

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  1. Foul Mouth. I once dated a girl who looks like a princess but swears like a pauper. She can’t finish a sentence without cursing. She’d curse in private, and worse public. After that date, I changed my number so she couldn’t contact me. No, it isn’t attractive when a girl is swearing all the time. Someone has to wash their mouth with soap.

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  1. Mean Behavior. Remember those movies with antagonist of girls who disses literally everyone because they are rich and powerful and they can get whatever they want? Well, it’s kinda like that We would want someone we could introduce to our family and friends, and not just someone who we could pass time with (if we do, we could just hang with our friends). Learn to always be polite and kind to other people. Have moral decency. And I guarantee you that you will be more attractive not only to us but to everyone.


  1. Vices. Even if society had accepted the fact that girls can also do things that boys can, still, a girl who smokes like a smoking gun and drinks alcohol like it is water is a major deal breaker. Not only does it look bad, it also is unhealthy. Being concerned with your health is a sign that you respect yourself enough to take care of it. We want to respect you, but in order for us to do so, respect yourself first.

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  1. Talks About Exes. I would constantly tell my girl that whatever is in the past should be left there, and focus on the present and future. Talking about previous relationship on first dates is a big NO-NO. This would only show that you’re still not over that relationship. Hence, making it look like he is your rebound. No guy would want to feel he is just a there to be your “pampalipas oras”

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