Extreme Photography… Not


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Social media has undeniably made its way into our daily lives. Admit it! Everyone we know, including ourselves are just so fascinated by modern technology that many people cannot even let the day pass without posting something in their social media accounts. Especially since taking selfies is the new trend. This way, we capture every little moment with our friends, family and loved ones. This cliff in Rio de Janeiro might just be the perfect spot for it.


It’s really amazing how some people even go such great lengths just to capture awesome photos to be posted online.


Would these people really go as far as risking their lives in order to get these perfect photos? But really, how far are you willing to go for it?

Tourists pose for pictures on the Pedra do Telegrafo, Brazil. Pictures released yesterday seemed to show a daredevil fitness fanatic working out his stomach muscles by dangling upside over a Brazilian beach with a 1,000ft drop. But it has now been revealed that hundreds of tourists making their way to the Pedra do Telegrafo beauty spot also take similar pictures, thanks to a trick of the camera. According to visitors to the area, although the stone where the bodybuilder appears to be hanging from is on a cliff edge, there is actually a plateau just below where people can stand.

If you look closely, the photos taken may seem dangerous but it’s actually not. This is only one of the “Wonders of Photography”. People only made use of the extreme angle to capture impressive photos.This cliff has become a social media sensation, with hundreds of tourists lining up for a photo op .


Thanks to the camera tricks, people are actually able to capture breathtaking images (without actually defying death). Apparently, the area where the people seem to be hanging in a cliff actually has a plateau just below where they can stand.



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