Are You Man Enough? Ways to Earn those Pogi-Points



Have you ever wondered why some girls go loco over guys? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and think what is missing? Well, you might want to know what you can do to earn some of those “pogi points” a lot of guys have. Happy collecting!

  1. SAY NO TO BO! Who wouldn’t want to be with a clean, neat looking guy who smell
    s good and does not have food stuck between his teeth? Put an effort into your appearance. Keep yourself clean, showered and groomed. Of course, ladies may enjoy the scruffy look which is a trend right now – but the controlled scruffy (the kind of scruffy that still looks good, neat and manly). And please, DO NOT
    SMELL! One of the major deal breakers that woman find with men is the unbearable smell of body odor. It wouldn’t hurt to brush your teeth or take a bath.
    Do make an extra effort to buy a decent deodorant and perfume, or even floss and mints (so the next time you try to kissher, she wouldn’t be speeding down the road).58803851
  2. CHIVALRY AIN’T DEAD. We may not admit it, but woman find chivalry gorgeous. Helping someone carrying her things for her, or opening the door for somebody and stepping aside so that they could enter first looks attractive. Letting an old woman or a pregnant lady sit on your place on a public transportation only shows how much respect you have with people around you. Respect is very important to women, specially woman today. Little gentlemanly acts make our hearts flutter. Chivalry is beautiful, but it is more beautiful if you do it just because you like doing it (PLUS 10 POINTS TO YOU!)tumblr_mnq3zzIwxZ1rgvzrto1_500
  1. STAY PG-13. Being polite is one of the easiest trait that anybody will learn to love. Saying “please” and “thank you” is one of the signs of proper upbringing. Proper attitude also starts with how you speaks. Do you love the F word so much? Do you often end your sentence swearing? Start minimizing (if you cannot totally get it off your vocab) your swear words. Keep it PG13.
  1. WALK THE TALK. Good communication skills can go a long way. Impress us with how well you can carry a conversation, your choice of words, and proper gestures. A person who can communicate well is a confident person. Who wouldn’t want that right?
  1. DREAM, BELIEVE, SURVIVE. One thing that woman look for a guy is someone who has dreams, and plans and works hard for them. Every woman finds determination attractive. It is comforting to know that the guy has plans. What is even more soothing is that he believes these plans doesn’t happen overnight. He believes that hard work would make it happen and not wait for a miracle of something.tumblr_inline_n1jxddd91r1sxcauw


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