Pictures speak a thousand words. And yes, I just can’t count the number of complimentary words I have said upon seeing the photos of these stunning model looking creatures.

Early February this year, stolen pictures of Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a ‘Carrot Man’ have dominated the internet which were captured and uploaded online. Late May, JC Querol a.k.a ‘Gasoline Boy’ and Rita Gabiola a.k.a ‘Badjao Girl’ pictures have been swarming over the internet. Why is that? Well, simply because they’re all freaking good looking, you just can’t stop looking at their faces!

Here’s a sample picture from Carrot Man, Gasoline Boy, and Badjao Girl:

Carrot-Man1 (1)
Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a ‘Carrot Man’
JC Querol a.k.a ‘Gasoline Boy’
Rita Gabiola a.k.a ‘Badjao Girl’

Weeks later after Carrot Man’s internet domination , news came out about him being the newest endorser of the clothing brand BoardwalkWhat a lucky man! And not just that. Even Gasoline Boy was recruited by ‘The’ Francis Libiran, a renowned showbiz international designer, and will soon let him walk the runway for his shows.

Phew! Hindi talaga lahat ng magaganda’t gwapo ay makikita sa tv. Yung iba nagtratrabaho ng simple at marangal sa mga lugar na hindi mo aakalain. 

As for Badjao Girl, some of her model-like pictures are starting to circulate on Facebook. Who knows? She might be the next endorser of another clothing brand. And we hope that happens. Also, according to an online article from ABS-CBN, she was granted a scholarship by Rated K to be able to continue her studies. Lucky for her!

Wanting for more? Oh eto pa… Version 2.0 Pak! Ganon!

Jeyrick Sigmaton for Boardwalk
JC Querol for Francis Libiran
Rita Gabiola posing like a model

Okay guys, didn’t you know that there are people starting to gain the netizen’s attention once again? There’s this one tagged as the cute ‘Otap Man’ from Pampanga selling otap and dried mangoes, the hunk ‘Sekyu Man’ from Quezon Province, and the other as the ‘Jeepney Driver’.

Lately, their pictures can be seen scattered on Facebook creating buzz. Eto. Kayo na humusga.

‘HUNK’ is the word
Those dimples tho
Kay gwapo naman this jeepney driver. Yung totoo, driver ka ba talaga? (But really. My hunch is.. you ain’t a driver you cutie. IMPOSSIBLE!)

After all that’s happening on the internet, I guess now is the time for me to get my pictures taken while selling an item and let it be posted and shared by my friends. And then I will be tagged as the ‘Kulang Sa Pansin Girl’ or ‘Maarte Girl’ or ‘Feeling Maganda Girl’. And then maybe (just maybe) I can become the next endorser of soy sauce, or vinegar, or patis, or other condiments etc. JOKE. As if I have the confidence. Hahaha!


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    “Salamander”: The First Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

    Flippish News, Tech, Technology

    by admin 07-10-2015


    They say that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, and apparently this holds true for the folks here in the Philippines. As the country, esp.Metro Manila, is infamous for its frequent flooding cause by even the slightest of rain, travelling in the streets is proven to be difficult if not almost impossible. Coupled with the heavy flow of traffic, commuting in the busy streets of the Metrois highly infuriating. This problem led to the citizens of this city finding a solution to this ever-sprouting problem. Introducing the “Salamander”, an amphibious tricycle created by H20 Technologies Inc., and designed by the famous car designer AtoyLlave.


    This one-of-a-kind vehicleruns on both electric and fuel energy, and has oars inside in case the tricycle runs out of energy while in water. It can carry up to 6 people and has a USB port for charging in case of emergency.

    There’s still no official price but the company is thinking about selling the product at P200, 000 apiece.

    With this innovation, traversing Metro Manila during the rainy season is not a big problem anymore.


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    Pinoy Version ng Dragon Ball

    FlipishMeme, Uncategorized



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    VIRAL: 7 year-old Pinoy Kid sings like bee gees


    by Super Arjay 06-04-2015

    A 7 year old Filipino kid can sing like Bee Gees, his name is Angelico “Echo” Claridad, he became famous after he auditioned in Asia’s Got Talent last march, he performed “Too Much Heaven” by Bee gees and the Judges were amazed and stunned. He absolutely caught the attention of the crowd with his extraordinary voice. Before he began his fame, a video uploaded in his father’s account on YouTube become viral, after uploading, lots of TV shows clashed to invite him as a guest.

    Echo appeared in several videos uploaded by his father, one of his video that got viral is him singing Bee Gees tunes with his dad.

    Check out the video below

    Like this little boy, he didn’t expect that he will become famous and akin to everyone. If you have a talent and dream don’t hesitate to showcase it to everyone in order to amaze and make people happy.


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    The Avengers Pinoy Edition Now Viral!  


    by LEGENDANI 05-27-2015

    Could you imagine what would it be like if the Avengers were Filipinos?

    He nailed it. Orange Chico’s creative and awesome artworks have gone viral throughout the social media. Chico created the Pinoy version of the Avengers: Age of Ultron superheroes.

    Check this out!

    Vic Sotto as Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Robin Padilla as Captain America


    Jake Cuenca as Quicksilver



    Manny Pacquiao as Incredible Hulk


    Vice Ganda as Vision



    Marian Rivera-Dantes as Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch


    PNoy as Nick Fury

    Nick Fury


    Ramon Bautista as Hawk Eye


    Bong Revilla as Thor


    Angel Locsin as Black Widow


    Creativity and aesthetic imagination can be a good material in making these kinds of photos, learning how to use Photoshop and other photo editing application will help you to achieve realistic imagination when it comes to photo editing. Filipino imagination is really awesome.


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    Prettiest Pinoy Celebrity According To Koreans


    by crystal san miguel 05-18-2015

    Pictures of different Filipino celebrities were shown to a group of Koreans and asked to pick their favorite.

    A video has been viral for the past few days about Koreans sharing their thoughts on Filipino celebrities. Three pairs of Koreans, 5 girls and 1 boy, were shown pictures of Julia Barretto, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Marian Rivera and Liza Soberano. The video was uploaded by KoreanStarTV in their YouTube channel.

    The group of Koreans admired the beauty of these Pinoy Celebrities. One thing they agreed on about these celebs is that—they do not look their age. The group couldn’t believe the ages of these celebrities, commenting that Filipinos want to look more mature or older than their real age. They couldn’t believe Julia Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo, and Liza Soberano were only teenagers. On the other hand, when shown picture of Marian Rivera, they commented about her being younger than her age. They also said that Marian Rivera look very western because of her white skin. Meanwhile, when shown picture of Daniel Padilla, they all agreed that he has a deep double-eye lid. They also commented about his height.

    In the end, most of them voted for Liza Soberano as the prettiest among the pictures that were shown to them.


    Watch the video here:


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      Bentang Tekken 7 Pinoy Characters Nag-Viral Online


      by Sonsilog 04-08-2015

      After Josie Rizal went viral it seems to be that our fellow Filipino tekken fans cant get enough of the thought
      that the Philippine culture is now somehow becoming a part of their favorite fighting arcade game, it looks like they still want more Pinoy touch in this addicting game; because of that beben-eleben.tumblr.com  and CUDZ Productions  decided to create these
      funny samples of tekken fighters that somehow looks familliar like one of the popular Filipino personalities we knew.
      Check them out now! The question is who will you use if ever they are implemented in the game?


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        Another Filipino Pride: Pinoy joins NBA All-Star Weekend Basketball without Border Camp!


        by Elaise 02-11-2015


        This coming weekend, NBA stars will gather for the most awaited game in NBA league for this season, the “2015 NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND”. Viewers and avid fans are excited to watch on the factions of teams as well as the program. Rooky sophomores challenge, 3 point shootout, Slum dunk contest, and the main game, the all-star game, the most awaited part.

        But what’s more interesting about the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend is the union of 39 best high school players to join the NBA All-star weekend basketball without border camp. These chosen students are gathered from different places all over the globe and one of them is Jollo Go, a Filipino and a High School student from Hope Christian High School. He also part of the Batang Gilas Pilipinas National Team for the FIBA 18 and under.


        Another Filipino Pride has made his name to NBA. This is much unexpected according to the young man; of the entire applicant he was chosen. Great news for us Filipinos. We are indeed full of talents that can be shown worldwide.  We are continuing to be globally competitive in all aspect, especially in sports.


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        Pinoy wins a trip to Tokyo and will do a movie with a popular Japanese Adult Film Actress


        by jenn 02-10-2015


        Five lucky participants around the world won a trip to Tokyo, Japan including Edgar Navarro a Filipino who joined the raffle game.

        Maybe this is really for him, because their names were drawn in a electronic raffle. Navarro only joined through internet. (He is very happy and excited)The contest was part of S1 No.1 Style Studio’s tenth anniversary.

        The prize of this contest is a date in a movie scene with the Japanese sexy film star, Sora Aoi.


        Who is Sora Aoi? She is one of the most popular adult film actress and nude model who has a huge international fan base that is why guys from all over the world take the opportunity through joining this contest to have a movie with her. Here are some of her photos that will make you more jealous of this guy


        Navarro and the four other winners from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Brazil will be entitled to a free trip to Tokyo, 200,000 yen or 75,000 pesos, and will join Sora Aoi in two scenes.

        Edgar will be playing a janitor and Aoi’s secret follower in two separate scenes, at a college film setting.


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        Pinoy-made Air-conditioned Tricycles roamed over the Streets and Social Media


        by Darwin Mc Daniel Malicden 01-29-2015

        Recently, Netizens are talking about a trending Pinoy creativity.Lyndon Olba, from thetown of Bangar, La Union, became famous after he made a hybrid tricycle roaming the streets of their town.

        The trending automotive invention ofOlbahe made for five monthswas with an improvised look and capacity of a classic passenger tricycle called “kotse-kel”,a hybrid of a tricycle and a typical car that features a cooler and a compartment inside the “car-like portion” or sidecar with a striking appearance.


        Kotse-kel can give its passengersthe “like a boss” experience when travelling. Passengers can be in lax and poise while travelling, and away of the “Dyahe” moments but then,Olba says that the kotse-kel was made for public use/display and not for public transportation.

        Kotse-kel can only accommodate two passengers inside the sidecar because of the compartment inside compared to the classic one which is a three-seater.


        The price of the famous hybrid tricycle is a bit expensive than the conventional tricycle we often see. You can get your own customized Kotse-kel at P60,000.

        Olba originally made the Kotse-kel to be a one-seater for his kids’ transportation to school. Bythen his extraordinary invention is for family use but he has founded the “Blakenwyt sidecar fabrication” for personal orders of customized kotse-kels.

        Photo Credits: Blake n wyt sidecar fabrication by Lyndon Olba/  Heng Mei Li (red kotsikel)


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